The current high school graduation rate in the District of Columbia is in the 55% range. One of Economic Growth DC’s goals is a 100% high school graduation rate. Anything less is unacceptable. But is that enough? In this post on Greater Greater Washington, contributor Natalie Wexler details her experience tutoring DCPS high schoolers in writing. Youngsters should graduate from DCPS high schools ready to do one four things: a) succeed in college; b) succeed in a 2 year technical/apprentice program; c) enter a career in the military; or 4) work a living wage job.

Employers at all skill levels are looking for a few things when weighing a new employee: 1) Can this applicant think critically? 2) Can this applicant problem solve? and 3) Can this applicant collaborate and work as part of a team?

The ability to write effectively is critical to all these attributes. If we are graduating groups of seniors who are incapable of expressing themselves clearly in writing, we are failing them once again,