Thanks you for spending some time on our site. EGDCF is a charitable foundation focused exclusively on research and programming in the areas of education and workforce development. Here are some examples of the projects we’re currently working on or planning:

  1. Research – We are currently seeking a Director of Education Policy. This individual will be responsible for organizing and analyzing education policy research that is of interest to EGDCF, as well as conducting original research focused on improving educational outcomes. If you would be interested in being considered, please forward your resume to
  2. Code4Life — Is an after-school program created in partnership with technology giant Accenture that will teach DCPS  and charter school middle-school students them basic computer programming. The first class will take place in  the fall of 2014. We are currently working with Accenture and Girls Who Code on the curriculum and the training of instructors.  The Foundation will manage and administer the program and provide the funding. Accenture will provide the instructors for the classes. The program will launch at Eliot-Hine Middle School on Capitol Hill.
  3. Leadership Development Training Class — In partnership with the DC Leadership Development Council, the Foundation will be launching a high-school level leadership development training class for high-potential students at Eastern High School. This class is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2014. The Foundation will administer and underwrite the program. The DC Leadership Devel0pment Council will assemble the curriculum and and provide the instructors.
  4. Placement Coordinator Training – The District provides the bulk of its job training and youth development programs through non-profit social service providers. Each of those providers has at least one person that is responsible for placing their program’s graduates into jobs. The Foundation will use its expertise its private sector expertise in the field of executive search and job placement to offer instruction to each of these placement coordinators. This training will be help these placement coordinators become more effective at what they do, thereby increasing the number of people who are placed into jobs at the conclusion of their training. We are currently looking for a training manager and the funding to underwrite this program.
  5. DCPS Debate Tournament — In partnership with the DC Urban Debate League, the Foundation will organize a debate tournament for DCPS and charter school students in September of 2014.
  6. Early Childhood Education Program – We are currently investigating potential programs for this age cohort. If you have any suggestions, please email
  7. Elementary Age Program – We are also studying various options for programs designed to improve student achievement at DC elementary schools.
  8. Post-Secondary Program – We are investigating programming in this area. We are interested in strategies for providing post-secondary skills development for graduating seniors and transitioning them into the local workforce as quickly as possible.
  9. Re-entry Program — The Foundation is proposing the implementation of a prisoner re-entry system originally developed in Newark, NJ through a partnership between Mayor Corey Boooker and the Manhattan Institute. The Newark program has experienced real success with its rapid re-hire program designed to get returning citizens into the workforce quickly. They have experienced a much better employment and retention rate, as well as lower recidivism. In an average year, 8,000 individuals return to the District from incarceration. The District’s Office Of Returning Citizens Affairs provided at least one service to 5,100 returned citizens in fiscal 2013. This is laudable, but only 152 were placed into employment due directly to ORCA’s efforts. That’s a 2.9% percent placement rate. There is much room for improvement. We are working with partners towards an attempt to replicate’s Newark’s success.
  10. Support Work Place DC — Work Place DC is an innovative idea for bringing together a group of non-profits that provide job training and other workforce development services under one roof. This would allow them to pool their resources and share back office functions. It will allow them collectively to provide a broader range of workforce services more effectively. The program is designed to be conducted in collaboration with the District government. It is our hope that representatives from various DC agencies will co-locate at Work Place DC. The Foundation is working with the Jovid Foundation to help formulate Work Place DC’s business plan, and we intend to help them find a suitable facility and get their program implemented.
  11. Fundraising — All of these efforts require financial support from interested individuals and institutions. EGDCF is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. All contributions are fully tax-deductible as charitable gift. If you’d like to support the foundation or any specific individual program, CLICK HERE. If you are already on our site, click on the “Contribute” button at the top of this page.