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Operation Capstone is an initiative developed and underwritten by the Economic Growth DC Foundation that finds jobs for DC residents who have recently returned to the District from incarceration.

Out of a population of over 672,000 residents, it is estimated than in excess of 50,000 DC residents have a criminal record of some kind and approximately 50% of those individuals are believed to be unemployed. Furthermore, according to the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University, those residents are missing out on approximately $915 million in lost wages annually. See here for details and methodology: Returning Citizens Lost Wages. That’s almost a billion dollars in lost economic activity, and well over $100 million in lost tax revenue annually.

Here’s how the program works: The team operates in a fashion similar to the way a typical staffing or recruiting firm works. Using industry experience and expertise, team members initiate, develop, build and maintain relationships with employers willing to provide DC residents who’ve paid their debt to society with a second chance. We rely on non-profit partners, the District’s Department of Employment Service’s Project Empowerment, and the Office of Returning Citizen’s Affairs to provide us with job ready candidates.

We then find an employer that is suitable for each candidate’s skills and background. We aim for full-time positions with benefits that pay a living wage. Our goal is to place 1,500 returning citizens in our first twelve months of operations. A program of this type makes sense for our foundation because our executive director, Dave Oberting, has over twenty years of job placement experience. Here is a link to his resume: Oberting Dave Resume2.

If you have recently returned to the District from incarceration and are in need of employment, or for more information about the program, contact our executive director, Dave Oberting, at dave.oberting@egdcfoundation.org.

To see the Operation Capstone business plan, click here.