Hypothetical Starting Salaries — Computer Science — No Degree

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Due to cost of living differentials across the country, it is often difficult to estimate typical salaries for various occupations. The payscale.com website does a pretty good job. Below is the report on a hypothetical 21 year old high school graduate with a post-secondary certificate in software development. It estimates a starting salary of $77,000…. Read more »Read more

About Code4Life

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    The “Sputnik Crisis” was triggered by the launch of Sputnik 1, the world’s first artificial satellite, on October 4, 1957 from what is now known as the Baikonur Cosmodrome. It stirred within the American people a sense that they had fallen behind the Soviet Union technologically, and in the “race for space.” But… Read more »Read more

Code4Life Now Hiring Paid Instructors for Spring 2017 Semester

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  Code4LifeĀ is an after-school program run by the Economic Growth DC Foundation in partnership with Accenture that teaches middle-school students basic computer programming skills. We are seeking multiple paid instructors to teach Code4Life at several different DCPS and Charter schools. The program will begin in late March of 2017. It meets one day a week… Read more »Read more

Ex-Offender Job Placement Project

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  Operation Capstone is an initiative developed and underwritten by the Economic Growth DC Foundation that finds jobs for DC residents who have recently returned to the District from incarceration. Out of a population of over 672,000 residents, it is estimated than in excess of 50,000 DC residents have a criminal record of some kind… Read more »Read more

Poverty is a Symptom; Unemployment is the Disease

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By Dave Oberting To no one’s surprise, poverty is not spread evenly throughout the District of Columbia. Only six percent of the District’s white residents live in poverty. For Hispanics, the rate is 23% and for African-American District residents it’s 36%. The most important statistic in all of the poverty debate is this one: according… Read more »Read more

Modern Entrepreneurship Project

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  The Modern Entrepreneurship Project (MEP) is a micro-enterprise program created by the Economic Growth DC Foundation.   Click on the brief description below for details on the program. If you have a great idea for a business, write to us and ask for an application at mep@egdcfoundation.org. MEP Two PagerRead more

About Criminal Justice Reform

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658,893 people call the District of Columbia home. Approximately 60,000 of those residents have at least one criminal conviction and have spent at least some time in prison. It is believed that 50-55% of that group is unemployed. The number is a little lower for women, and a little higher for men, but in that… Read more »Read more