Education: Code4Life

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  Code4Life¬†is an after school program developed by the Economic Growth DC Foundation in partnership with Accenture. It will teach basic computer programming skills to boys and girls in the District of Columbia public and charter school systems. ¬†Scheduled to begin in September of 2014, the program will provide instruction in basic coding to a… Read more »Read more

McKinsey: Education to Employment — Europe

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The youth unemployment rate in Europe is 25%. In some countries, like Spain, it is over 50%. The youth unemployment rate in the United States is also alarmingly high. In this paper, the McKinsey Global Institute offers solutions for high youth unemployment rates in Europe. The same lessons apply here. McKinsey — Education to Employment… Read more »Read more

Intern Wanted

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The Economic Growth DC Foundation is seeking an intern for the spring semester. Applicants must be at least a sophomore at a District college or university and must be majoring in business or political science. Applicants must have a strong interest in the District’s public and charter school system. See the link below for details…. Read more »Read more

Is Graduating Enough?

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The current high school graduation rate in the District of Columbia is in the 55% range. One of Economic Growth DC’s goals is a 100% high school graduation rate. Anything less is unacceptable. But is that enough? In this post on Greater Greater Washington, contributor Natalie Wexler details her experience tutoring DCPS high schoolers in… Read more »Read more