“Persistence alone is omnipotent.”



Welcome to the online home of the Economic Growth DC Foundation. We’re a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington, DC. We focus on increasing labor productivity by advancing improvements in education and workforce development. We advocate on policy and we conduct programming.

We chose our name because whether it be the unemployment rate, poverty or homelessness, none of the major challenges we face can be overcome without faster economic growth. The largest drivers of faster growth are increases in productivity, and the largest drivers of improvements in productivity are upgrades to our education and job training systems.


Strategic: Leverage improvements in education and job training to drive sustained increases labor productivity and the rate of growth of the District’s economy.

Education: Use improved access to computer science education to ensure that all District students can think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, and collaborate as part of a team. Support a 100% high school graduation rate. Ensure every District student is prepared to succeed in a four-year college program, a good technical education program, an apprenticeship, or direct employment in a high-wage field.

Workforce: Ensure every working-age District resident has the skills necessary to compete for high-wage jobs that will exist in the first half of the 21st century.

Policy Goals

  • 1. 100% high-school graduation rate.
  • 2. More effective job training.
  • 3. Full integration of computer science education into the regular, for-credit curriculum.
  • 4. Modernized career and technical education programming.
  • 5. More effective ex-offender job placement and reintegration.
  • 6. Better entrepreneurship support and training.


  • 1. Code4Life — After-school program for middle-school students teaching basic computer proramming.
  • 2. Operation Capstone — Job placement program for DC residents returning from incarceration.
  • 3. MEP — Minority entrepreneurship program.

For information on the individual programs we currently operate or underwrite, visit our Programs page.