Thank you for visiting our new site. The District of Columbia struggles with stubbornly high rates of unemployment and underemployment in certain parts of the city. The poverty rate for African-American residents of the District is 39%. In the short term, we need to accelerate the rate of growth of DC’s economy so that it creates the number and kinds of District jobs that can ultimately pull people out of poverty. Economic Growth DC ( on these issues on a daily basis.

The Economic Growth DC Foundation was created to work on problems with a longer time-horizon: our job training and education systems. We support research and programming that will help District residents and students gain the skills needed to succeed in a 21st-century workforce.

In the coming months, we will launch a program in partnership with a major technology company to teach a group of 12-15 DC middle school students basic computer programming. The program, called Code4Life, is designed to be scalable and longitudinal in nature. We plan to keep students in the program and engaged with increasingly complex technology through their senior year of high school. We will help them with internships and SAT preparation, as well as the college application and financial aid process.

We are also partnering with the DC Leadership Development Council to provide basic leadership development training to high school students in the DC traditional and charter school system. We are also sponsoring a debate tournament in partnership with the DC Urban Debate League in April of 2014. Through partnerships like these, we plan to develop scalable in school and after school programming that can help students develop the leadership and communications skills needed in today’s workplace. You can learn more about these and our other initiatives by clicking on the “Programs” button at the top of this page.

A well-educated, highly skilled workforce is the most important ingredient in strengthening our economy. We look forward to working across the District of Columbia to support programming and research that help students think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, collaborate as part of a team and, ultimately, be successful in the District’s workforce.

To support our work on a fully tax-deductible basis, click on the “Contribute” button at the top of this page.